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January 9, 2010 Hat of Quips Game
with Parker, Ben, a toaster and the elephant

December 19, 20009 Hat of Quips Game (adult language and themes)
with Jen, Harold and a garbage dump

January 10, 2009 "Freudian Slips" monologue by Parker Cross

September 2008 "Spontaneous Song" - Notre Dame

August 16, 2008 "Three Headed Expert" game
rated PG-13

"Bag O'Quips" by Janet Womachka and Ben Katagiri

"Bag O'Quips" by Parker Cross and Joanna Peterson

"Three Headed Expert" game
rated PG-13

Janet, Jack and Joanna perform our original game
"Presidential Idol" this segment is "Songs of Obama":

Parker and Jen as they read from the audience
"Bag O'Quips" as a couple on their honeymoon in Canada:

Watch a clip on YouTube of our game, "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"
when Jack, Janet and Joanna answer the question "How do you tell your
child where babies come from?"

Now Janet, Joanna and Parker answer the question
"Should you tell your child Santa Claus does not exist?"